Watching movies on Samsung’s new QLED TVs will be more enjoyable

Watching movies on Samsung’s new QLED TVs will be more enjoyable

January 5, 2021 0 By technology

What do you know about Samsung Smart TVs?

The rise of the Coronavirus has closed cinemas and a number of companies have decided to make movies available to users through content streaming services. As time goes on, the number of movies screened through streaming services increases, and this raises an important question in the minds of moviegoers: Can smart TVs offer the same experience as movie theaters?

New Product Of Samsung

TV companies have taken many steps to improve the TV viewing experience. In this regard, Samsung has recently partnered with studios, filmmakers, and some other companies in the field of cinema. Based on GSM Arena news report , the new TVs The Korean company QLED will have HDR10 + Adaptive and Filmmaker Mode. These two capabilities try to capture great movies on smart TVs.

The best way to enjoy HDR content is to watch it in dark environments (such as a movie theater); But most viewers do not want to turn off the room lights and draw the curtains to watch the movie.

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New Feature Of Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung says the HDR10 + Adaptive feature uses the TV’s light meter sensor to optimize each scene so that different movie scenes are displayed in the best possible way in the environment in which the TV is located. Filmmaker mode changes the image settings so that the displayed image on the screen is as required by the filmmaker.

Samsung and Amazon have partnered to ensure that all HDR content on the Prime Video service is supported by the HDR10 + standard, even 4K content. With Filmmaker mode enabled, Prime Video service subscribers with one of Samsung’s QLED TVs can enjoy more streamed content via Pram Video. Samsung says various film companies are producing more HDR10 + content.

The professional capabilities of Smart TVs

Samsung offers the highest professional capabilities of new products only in 8K versions. Professional versions of Samsung QLED TVs are limited to 8K resolution. In the new versions, the Koreans have included only 100 exposure zones, while the 2019 products had 500 exposure zones.

Samsung 8K QLED TVs were introduced to the US market in a variety of forms. The Q950TS family was the most important unveiling this year, coming in 65, 75 and 85 inch sizes.

The most expensive TV of this family is marketed with a price tag of about 13 thousand dollars. Of course, Samsung itself has not yet provided detailed information on the price and release time of all products. Samsung also says that the new models have higher color clarity and HDR quality.