The organization of the computer system is looking for new ways to generate revenue

December 29, 2020 0 By WebSite Manager

The elections of the sixth term of the board of directors and inspector of the Computer Guild System (Nasr), the main institution of the country in organizing business activities in the field of information technology, were held from November 20 to December 22 in Tehran on a blockchain basis. The results of this election will be announced on 2 Azar and based on this, Hussein Islami The chairman of the board of directors of the sixth round of the Tehran Province Computer Guild Organization was elected. The first press conference of the new board of directors of Nasr Organization was held today, January 29, in which several members of the board of directors explained their plans for this period.

Hossein Eslami considered the enthusiastic presence in this year’s elections as a sign of internal change and added that with the bold move of the board members in the fifth round, Ayati class as the first class in the country was able to successfully hold electronic elections. In his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the sixth term of Nasr Organization mentioned the formation of three working groups, which are: “Budget and Revenue”, “Reorganization of Commissions” and “Transformation in the Structure of the Organization”.

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Eslami stated that the purpose of the budget and revenue working group is to solve the serious problem of Nasr Organization in the revenue situation. “A large part of our income is focused on receiving membership fees, and in return, a percentage of this income is paid to the country’s organization in accordance with the law,” he said. “I used to always ask myself, ‘What do I get in return for this payment?’

According to Islami, the newly formed working group intends to increase the organization’s revenues in accordance with the current situation in the country and developments in the field of IT, and to provide different services to its members.

Hossein Eslami stated that the purpose of the working group to rearrange the commissions was to bring the specialized commissions of Nasr Organization closer to the board of directors and the head of the organization and to each other. Finally, the third new working group has been formed in order to change the structure of the organization and remove the ambiguities of the law. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nasr Organization stated that the Articles of Association and the Guidelines need to be seriously reviewed and the Working Group, by collecting suggestions and ambiguities in this field, will present them to the Assembly and the Central Council with a view to developments in the IT world.