The next generation of Mac computers with keyboard

The next generation of Mac computers with keyboard

December 30, 2020 0 By WebSite Manager

According to a patent filed with Patently Apple and MacRumors, the tech giant appears to produce the next generation of Mac PC keyboards. The Cupertino has not made any particular changes in this area since almost 2016. In fact, the latest minor change concerns the removal of the propeller mechanism and the use of the old so-called “scissors” mechanism on the MacBook Pro 16 keyboard and beyond. It goes without saying that Magic Keyboard standalone keyboards have not been updated for some time and it seems to be a good time to develop a new generation of them. In the following, we will examine the next generation of Mac computers.

The 11th generation Intel Core i7-11700K processor

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Apple’s patent in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, entitled “Electronic Devices Equipped with Cohesive Fiber Keys,” describes a system and mechanism that allows Mac’s keyboards to adaptively change their content, allowing the user to Be able to personalize them further.

In the patent documentation, Apple explains how each key mounted on the keyboard can accommodate a small display through which Cohesive fibre package Connects to keyboard control circuits. Apple suggests that each key can consist of a fibre optic screen with contrasting levels of the first and second.

Cupertino’s latest invention states that each key requires a screen to work with adaptive content that works with pixel array. But in fact, the main technology is using in them will be OLED displays. Each key maybe made of materials such as glass, ceramic, metal and polymer.

Apple Patent Related Mac Adaptive Keyboard

The system allows users to change and customize the information tags on each key if necessary. For example, you can change the keyboard for different languages ​​and temporarily turn the standard keyboard into a gaming keyboard.

Apple’s proposed process about next generation of Mac computers

In Apple’s proposed process, each key can provide visual feedback to indicate the current status of each key, which corresponds to uppercase or lowercase or an active feature when playing a computer game. The images in the patent show that the adaptive keyboard can be embedded in a separate laptop case. Apparently, the system will not interfere with the dome keys or the physical key plate shear mechanism.

Unlike other Apple inventions, technology giant Cupertino explicitly suggests that the system can be used on movable keys; Therefore, Apple can retain its magic keyboard design theory.

Apple patents countless inventions every week. In fact, patents represent the topics of interest to the research and development unit of companies; While it does not guarantee that it will be available in a future product or service; Apple is eager to use its MacBook Pro touch screen for compatible displays.

it looks like it will use similar technology in the Mac keyboard in the near future.