Come Play (2020) Review, Plot Details, and Download

Come Play (2020)

If you are into horror movies and videogames you’ve definitely heard about The Slender Man. This long, skinny monster with a sleek suit wanders the night and hopes to haunt his victims when they least expect him. For the fans of this genre, and especially those who enjoyed being chased by The Slender Man in both the video game and the movie, we have some good news. Come Play features a monster that resembles The Slender Man but with some differences.

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The first thing is that Come Play’s monster isn’t as classy as The Slender Man and wears no suit, the second and the most unique feature of the movie is that Larry has a specific method of approaching his victims. If you’re wondering who’s Larry, it’s the name of Come Play’s mysterious monster.

Come Play Story Synopsis and Plot Overview

Come Play is a story of loneliness, mental difficulties, and suspense. It follows the struggles of an autistic teenager named Oliver and his parents, Sarah and Marty, dealing with a mysterious entity. Oliver is a mute schoolboy who has mental issues. To find comfort, he uses his smartphone and tablet all day but unfortunately for him, the comfort is not planning to stay long. Larry, the spooky humanoid entity, uses his digital devices such as tablet, TV, and computer to get close to him and thus creating the creepy mood for the entire film.

When is Come Play Releasing?

Halloween 2020 is approaching and Come Play is ready to go on theaters when it starts. Come Play’s official release date is October 30, 2020 in the United States so you don’t have to wait much longer.

The interesting thing about the movie is that it was actually released as a short film named Larry in 2017. The short film was directed by Jacob Chase who is also directing the full-length feature film.

The movie was going to be release on July 24, 2020 but due to the global pandemic, it was pushed back to Halloween 2020 which in our honest opinion isn’t a bad timing.

Come Play Cast – Who is Starring in Come Play (2020)?

Azhy Robertson plays the role of Oliver, while Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher play as his parents. You might remember Gillian Jacobs from NBC’s comedy series Community (2009–2015) or HBO’s comedy-drama series Girls (2012–2017). As for the Gallagher, he played the role of Emmett DeWitt in 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Like we said, Come Play is directed by Jacob Chase who is the main guy behind the original short film. The 34 years old director has been in the short film scene for a while and looks like Come Play is his first real challenge in the world of full-length films.

Come Play Trailer and Videos

Come Play Rental Information

The movie is not available on rental platforms yet. We believe it will be added to these services, such as Google Play Movies, close to the release date, or sometime after.

Come Play (2020) Free Download – How to Watch Come Play Online for Free

The movie is not out yet but rest assured as we will update the page to include free download links. Please check back later.

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