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The Power of the Dog Review, Trailer, and Cast Information

The Power of the Dog behind the scenes

The Power of the Dog is another one of the upcoming movies which are based on popular novels. It’s an adoption of a novel of the same name written by Thomas Savage in 1967. The name of the movie might be confusing to some but when you watch the movie or read the novel, you’ll see why the name was chosen.

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The Power of the Dog Story Details

The Power of the Dog is the story of two brothers operating a big ranch in Montana. Everything goes downhill after one of the brothers secretly gets married and the other brother tries to ruin their life.

It’s easy to mix up the novel which the movie is based on, with another novel of the same name written by Don Winslow in 2005. They don’t have anything in common other than sharing the same name.

The Power of the Dog Cast Members – Who is Playing in the Movie?

For the many fans of Doctor Strange, we have some good news for you! Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the role of one of the brothers (Phil) while Jesse Plemons acts as the other one (George).

Kirsten Dunst is also in the movie and plays the role of Rose, the widow George marries. You might remember Dunst from the Spider-Man movies released in 2002, 2004, and 2007 where she played as Mary Jane Watson.

It is being directed by the New Zealand screen-writer, producer, and director Jane Campion.

Some of the other cast members include Keith Carradine as Governor Edward, Karl Willetts as Bill, Tatum Warren-Ngata as Libby, and more.

The Power of the Dog Release Date

The filming of the movie began in the early days of 2020 in New Zealand. As with most of the movies filming, The Power of the Dog had to halt it’s production too because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the production began again on June 22.

It’s expected to release sometime in 2021 with no solid release date announced yet.

The Power of the Dog Official Trailer

There’s no trailers or even teasers out yet for the movie. Hopefully, we’ll get a sneak peek at the upcoming drama soon.

Where to Rent The Power of the Dog?

Netflix acquired the rights to publish the movie on its subscription service. Although we’ll also see a theatrical release if you’re wondering about renting the movie Netflix should be your first choice. There’s no information about renting The Power of the Dog on other renting services such as Google Play Movies yet.

The Power of the Dog Free Download and Stream

You’ll be able to find the download links and more info about streaming the movie for free here when the movie gets released. Meanwhile, you can check our site to find other upcoming movies.

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