After three years, the Dfinity network was finally launched

After three years, the Dfinity network was finally launched

January 8, 2021 0 By technology

The core Dfinity network is finally up and running. The network competes with Ethereum and other smart contract platforms, and in 2018 had raised more than $195 million.

According to Decrypt, Dfinity Startup, a Chinese blockchain technology company, has announced that an important part of the system has now been launched. However, Dfinity tokens (abbreviated DFN) have not yet officially entered the exchanges.

What is a Dfinity Network?

The company, backed by Anderson Horowitz and PliChin Capital, plans to compete with networks and cloud computing providers such as Ethereum and Amazon Web Services.

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A blog post by Dominic Williams, the company’s president, states:

The “Internet” main net now exists.

The Internet computer is the name Dfinity has chosen for its new and ambitious network. While the announcement of the company was shared today, the announcement states that the main network was actually online on December 18.

The company blog post, which consists of 18,000 words, tells the story of this project. This blog post also describes the company’s 20-year plan. Dfinity’s value last year was at nearly $10 billion.

What is the value of Dfinity?

Dominic Williams published the headline of the company’s blog post along with its URL on Twitter:

Release of the Main Internet Computer Network and the 20-Year Roadmap

The company blog post states:

In the next 20 years, the open Internet will be much larger than the proprietary and closed ecosystems of the big technology companies (Bigtech). An ecosystem that is already deteriorating. But for the same reasons that Kobul’s old programming language is still in use, this closed ecosystem may never be completely destroyed.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, this digital currency is traded on the basis of a future in some exchanges. Bainance is expected to be the first Dfinity exchange.