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The Batman 2021 Official Trailer, Review And Download

The batman 2021

It is safe to say that among the world of superheroes, the Batman character is easily included in the list of 5 popular characters. Although Marvel is on a dirt road today and is thinking of making money instead of customer satisfaction, it is making progress with the other side and rival company DC turning off the lights.

In 2019, it was officially announced that DC was working on the script and casting actors for the Batman trilogy, until a few days ago, new information and news from its first version, The Batman 2021, was released along with a trailer. Such as release date (somewhat), actors, movie style and storytelling and…

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The Batman 2021 Official Trailer

You are probably excited after watching the full trailer above, which you are right about, because from the point of view of many movie lovers and critics in this field, we have never seen the character of Batman in this atmosphere. Personally, after watching the full trailer, I realized that this version is dark and deep, although after watching one or two minutes of the film, it can not be judged and the medal is proud, and we have to wait until 2021.
In the following, we will review the published information about Batman 2021.

The Batman Release Date :

According to DC, this highly anticipated movie will definitely be released in world cinemas (except Iran!) In 2021. Of course, given the current state of the world and the uncertainty of the future of the Corona virus in many countries, the exact date has not been announced yet, and even many credible cinema sources believe that the possibility of delaying the release will be very high.

You are Batman, you should hope that the world will get rid of Corona sooner.
Unfortunately, many movies have been delayed due to the spread of the Corona virus.

The Batman Cast

Robert Pattinson as Batman
Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon
Zoe Kravitz as a cat woman
Paul Dino as Ridler
Andy Sarkis as Alfred Pennyworth
Colin Farrell as Penguin
John Torturo as Carmen Falcon
Peter Sarsgaard as Black Mask

The Batman 2021 Details

Genre: Action | Criminal | Drama

Product: 2021 USA

Score: 10 / 0.0

Director: Matt Reeves

If you pay attention, instead of using very successful actors, DC has tried to use very promising actors, especially young ones, in important roles. One of the highlights of Batman 2021 is the role of Jeffrey Wright in the role of James Gordon, and if you have read the comics or watched previous versions of the Batman movie, you must know that James Gordon is a white character.

And perhaps DC, like Marvel, intends to fight racism in this way.
Fans are hoping that Robert Pattinson will shine as Batman, and given his progress in his recent films, these events will not be far off.

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