What is Gomovies? Everything you need to know about Gomovies.


You may have heard of Gomovies many times during the day in the virtual world or in the speeches of movie lovers and followers. Gomovies is ​​a network of media and film product support companies founded in 1998 in the United States. The company currently has about 37% of its users from the United States. In its first phase of growth, the company rented DVDs of various films. After that, he started producing different products and films, and finally, he opened his feet to different countries

Gomovies currently operates media outlets in more than 190 countries.

Who are the filmmakers on Gomovies ?

In fact, film companies that have the ability to film can negotiate with Netflix and present their plans on the network. Gomovies will definitely invest in the movie and program if it is attractive.

What kind of movies are streamed on Gomovies?

Usually any interesting movie that we have heard the name of, has been broadcast on this network. But it can be said that the strangest and most popular movies have been in this network. These films include movies and series for adults and movies for children and animation.

Another point is that this network has been used as a special and intangible political and propaganda activities.

This platform shows movies on this network in two ways.

Movies that the filmmakers make specifically for Gomoives.

Movies that Gomovies exclusively sponsors.

Among them, 5 movies have the highest amount of Gomovies investment so far, of which 4 are related to 2017 and one is related to 2018:

Bright at a cost of $ 90 million in 2017;
War Machine at a cost of $ 60 million in 2017;
Okja at a cost of $ 50 million in 2017;
Death Note at a cost of $ 40 million to $ 50 million in 2017;
The Irishman at a cost of $ 100 million in 2018;
The popularity of the Irish Man movie is as great as the developers of an Android game made from it, and it has a story similar to the story of the movie in question.